Advance course prep and materials

Advance Course Materials and Reading

The Official LSAT SuperPrep  - Highly Recommended!

Our goal  is to get maximum benefits from the day.  Hence, it is important that you arrive at the course with:

– an understanding of the LSAT format and how it is scored

– an understanding of the various LSAT question types

Specifically, we ask that you do the following three things:

First, learn about the format of the LSAT in general and the various question types.

This information may be found   in the following places:

Second, you should download and read the following from the Law Services site:

June 2007 LSAT

LSAT Sample Questions and Explanations – Note particularly pages 15 – 23 which discusses Logic Games

Third, in April of 2010, Law  Services  offered on online introductory LSAT Logic Games Webinar.  You should view this. (You will need to create an account at to view  it.)

LSAT Tests and Preparation Books

You can purchase additional LSAT tests and the LSAT SuperPrepat the Law  Services site, many bookstores, and Amazon. (Note that will sell you four LSAT preptests for the price of three.)

We recommend that you purchase “LSAT SuperPrep” which is published by LSAT. It contains LSAT’s commentary on three actual LSAT exams. You may also wish to purchase additional books of actual LSAT tests. You should also purchase some additional LSAT exams.

Finally, please note that it is your responsibility to register for the LSAT.


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